From: Pete Heller []
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 12:08 AM
To: ‘Barry Chang’
Subject: State of the City Speech Suggestion


Dear Mayor Chang,

I want to thank you for your continued active encouragement and advocacy for cycling as an alternative to auto transportation.  That leadership and vision will most certainly pay off for Cupertino, particularly once we invest in Class IV bikeways.

In fact I wanted to suggest an idea for your upcoming State of the City address.  It’s been demonstrated in other communities that the mayor’s leadership is critical to advancing the alternative transportation agenda**.   My thought is that you and I could ride bikes together to  your speech and you could make your entrance that way.  By wearing cycling attire for the speech would surely set the right tone about your agenda for improving transportation within the city.  Better yet, get the entire city council to ride over!  What do you think?


Best regards,

Pete Heller

650 224 2275


** I’d direct you to an article making this point regarding what’s taken place in Minneapolis.  See