From: April Scott (Monta Vista High School)
Date: 9/3/15 2:20 PM
Subject: Safe passage

Good day!
This is a friendly, yet firm, reminder of the absolute importance of traffic safety.

It is shocking to see the unsafe practices on the streets surrounding our schools, putting our students (YOUR student) in potential danger.   We absolutely must honor and respect the rules of the roads.  We want to protect the safety of our students and the students at Lincoln and Kennedy.  None of the practices listed below is worth endangering the life of a student, and yet I have seen all of these on a regular basis.

– Plan ahead!  Do not arrive late and thus feel frantic, causing unsafe driving conditions

– Please do not drop off  (or pick up) your student in the middle of the street and have them dash through traffic to the curb.   Take the few extra minutes to make a safe drop-off or pick-up.

– Please do not use the bike lane as a pick-up or drop-off zone!  By doing so, bicyclists are forced into lanes with vehicles.   Please keep our bicyclists safe, and honor the lane intended for them!

– Please honor driving laws… not make illegal U-turns in the middle of the street.  This creates safety issues beyond description.

-These are residential roads.  Honor the speed limit.  The speed at which some drive is absolutely frightening.

-Using the student lot for drop-off and pick-up allows for more cars to queue and gets vehicles off of the street. It is a great option.  If you choose to use the bus circle, please pull forward and do not block the flow of traffic on and off McClellan.


If your student is a driver, please review road safety with them.

If your student is a bicyclist, remind them they must also obey traffic laws.

Together we can assure all students arrive and depart in a safe and sane manner.

Thank you,

April Scott, Principal