Oct 21 Bike Ped Meeting Notes

Attendees:  Commissioners, Heller, Lindskog, Lin.  David Stillman, City of Cupertino

  1. The committee received a presentation from Sanjay Shitole and his son, Raj – a freshman at Monta Vista High School. They are very concerned about the limited options to safely ride bikes to school from the Orion/Three Oaks neighborhoods. Raj presented a short-cut safe route to MVHS from Orion across the UPRR to Vai Avenue, asking that a bridge be built to cross Regnart Creek.  Much comment and discussion ensued.
  2. David reported that an application for VTA/State Funding for bike projects was declined. The intent was to capture external state and county funds for Cupertino BP projects.
  3. The annual Bike Rodeo served approximated 80 youth – mostly early elementary students. This count was down from 150 the prior year.  Much discussion ensued regarding how to better promote the >$3K event.  It was suggested that the commission have a checklist of promotional items to use for next year.
  4. Hot List Format – Commissioner Lindskog reported on the status of the BP Commissions “hot list” of projects.
  5. Allowing school cyclists 14 and under  to ride on the Rainbow Road sidewalks.  City regulation is 10 and under for riding on sidewalks, although the Cupertino Safety Commission recommended 14 and under.  Rainbow Road is not safe for youth cyclists, so there is a conundrum of how to safely allow school youth to ride their bikes to Kennedy.  No action taken or recommended.
  6. Pete Heller suggested that in certain stretches of road, such as the McCLellan downhill, the signage say “
  7. Bikes have right to use entire road”. Other segments might include McClellan at DeAnza Blvd.
  8. Pete Heller handed out the revised display and pages for the Bike Ped Commission on the city website.
  9. David discussed the general process of the Alta Design Team leading the BP plan for next year. Commissioner Lindskog asked for  Alta to meet with the BP commission for input prior to meeting  with the public to capture input for the plan.  The tentative first public input to the

With respect,

Scott Hughes (by Larry Dean)