Here are my Notes from the 9/16 Bike Ped Commission meeting:

  • Preliminary Communication Items:
    • Dave from CRT (Citizens for Responsible Trails) had just finished speaking
    • Staff Report; David Stillman deferred to items later in the agenda and noted that there was not much else of note in the last month.
    • BPAC report (Jim Wiant); review of Envision Silicon Valley preliminary project list which totals ~ 50 billion in improvements by 2040. Cupertino submitted a wish list.  Feasibility and prioritization will be reviewed in the future.
    • Minutes; Green bike lanes are finished around public schools with a little more still to be completed around DeAnza (college?)


  • Old business
    • Alta Designs has been hired to work on the new bike plan; they should start in ~ 1 week and finish no earlier than May. However, this should still sync up with the request cycle for the next fiscal year.
    • They have agreed on scope of work and schedule. Scope of work is available (if requested by email).  An overview is as follows:
      • Kickoff meeting w/staff (plus 1 bike/ped rep)
      • Data collection (this will just be a short duration snapshot as more long term data will be done by safe routes). I voiced concern that I think they need to do a thorough data collection over a 12 month period to get a meaningful assessment; especially in regards to student bike/walk numbers.
      • 2 meetings with bike/ped commission
      • 2 public workshops
      • Bike network stress test(see google bike plan/stress map by Alta as a reference) Here is a link to an ~ 67MB file;  
      •  Reviewed
        • Vision statement review
        • Set of projects, programs
        • Cost estimates
        • Funding
        • Draft Plan
        • Bike Ped Items Catalog presented by Erik (available upon request). David to inquire on method/location to post online
        • Bike Rodeo scheduled for Saturday 10/3/15, 9am to 12 noon; planning details done here in the meeting.


  • New Business

David distributed 2 11”x17” spreadsheets with the summary of the city’s crossing guard study and crossing light study.             Lots to discuss; here is “my interpretation”:

  • This is excellent work which I suspect was well overdue.
  • The results and conclusions are based mostly on a set of state mandated, pre-conceived set of criteria and if a crossing location does not meet those criteria, it is unlikely to be deemed worthy of an improvement.
  • The good news is that they will be increasing the number of school crossing guards from 12 to 16 citywide and they will be improving 3 intersections in some respect but it is yet to be determined if any of them will get the crossing lights requested.
  • These studies are primarily driven by volume and do not take into account very critical factors like;
    • Peak student volume and chaos during school hours
    • Accident data at any of these intersections
    • Moving violations, percentage of drivers speeding, etc.
    • Night time visibility and safety


With respect,

Scott Hughes

Walk-Bike Cupertino Advisory Board