“I bike here. No, it’s not far, it’s just about 15 minutes.” I answered someone who asked how I go to school. Since I started high school, my bike has become my best friend on my way to school. 

The reason I started biking to school is simple: I can arrange my time in the morning better. I no longer need to talk with my mom the night before about what time we should leave the next morning, and I no longer have to wait for my mom to drive me to school in the morning; I can use my time in the morning more efficiently according to what I want to do that day. 

On some days, if I couldn’t figure out how to solve a homework problem, then the next morning I can bike to school earlier than before to ask my teacher questions during the collaboration time. On other days, I may want to take advantage of the flex hours on the block schedule to sleep in, without consulting with my mom the night before. 

To prepare me for biking to school, my parents told me about scary accidents where people were hit by cars and some even died. They also said some of them didn’t follow the traffic rules. At first, I thought they were exaggerating, but when I really got out on the road, I could see why it was indeed dangerous. Some cars were passing me at high speed, and some pedestrians suddenly “popped” onto the bike lane, so I had to pay extra attention to avoid a collision. 

For a particular crossroad on my way to school, it doesn’t have any bike lane, so I need to share the road with other vehicles. And let’s not forget about dead squirrels on the side of pavements! Although we have a “mutual trust” that cars won’t run into someone for no reason, there’s always a feeling that I am being chased by a car. These biking experiences have helped me take the strong precaution of being very careful biking on the road. 

Carrying all my stuff to school is another problem. For my freshman year there weren’t lots of things to carry because all I needed was my iPad and a pencil case. However, as a sophomore, I now sometimes need to carry three heavy textbooks for my block schedule, and packing them in my biking backpack is obviously impossible. To solve this problem, my dad bought me a very effective tool: a bike rack bag! The bag has a huge capacity, and it can carry a maximum of six large textbooks – Don’t even mention that it is waterproof! 

In conclusion, I really like biking to school as long as I follow the rules and stay cautious on the road. It is eco-friendly, and it helps me work out my body everyday! I also got to know some students in my school who also bike to school and we became good friends. In the morning, if I was a little sleepy when I left home, I would be completely awake by the time I arrived at school. Isn’t that what we need the most in the morning?