Key Facts About the Bike Boulevard Project

Cost of Construction: Funding of $1.4M approved. If concrete is desired, then total cost is $2.6M.

Length of Project: Each location has a different length. Click here to see a 2018 presentation which shows the location and details of each project.

Type of Project: Class III Bike Facilities (see here for review of different facilities)

Click here for information from the City of Cupertino’s website

Current Status (May 2022):

Work on the Bike Boulevards for Phase 2 and 3 resumed in November 2021, with an Outreach Workshop for area #6 (see map).

Feasibility studies are all complete, and design is complete for bike boulevards #1 and #5 which are on Portal, Merritt, Greenleaf and Beardon. Other locations have design in progress, but are dependent on outcomes of public outreach sessions on right-of-way that are ongoing.

Phase 1 Bike Boulevards (#1 and #5) have had construction of temporary bollards at their affected intersections. Permanent raised concrete crosswalks or curb extensions for Phase 1 Bike Boulevards will be folded into construction of Phase 2.

As costs for permanent concrete installations are significantly higher, the City plans to only implement plastic bollards where it was originally planned to place concrete bulb-outs. These bollards do help pedestrians cross more safely by increasing visibility and shortening crossing distance.

Overview of the Bike Boulevards Project

The Bike Boulevards Project in Cupertino is comprised of seven separate locations throughout the city of Cupertino. The improvements will include traffic-calming features, but will not include bike lanes so bikes will still mix with cars. These features, which may include speed tables, curb extensions (‘bulb-outs’), raised crosswalks, signage and sharrow (‘share the road’ bicycle and chevron) painting, can also be beneficial to local residents due to reduced vehicle speeds on residential roads and to pedestrians, as they can make pedestrian crossings more visible.

Each of the locations has its specific concerns and planned features to mitigate these concerns.

Click here to be directed to a February 2018 presentation from the City of Cupertino for specific design features and locations for each Bike Boulevard.

The Bike Boulevard projects will be designed and constructed in phases.

Phase 1: Boulevards #1 and #5 (except Meteor) and #3. These will be interim improvements in these locations, such as temporary bollards in place of curb extensions. Permanent work will include speed tables and signage.

Phase 1A: Boulevards #1 and #5 (except Meteor) and Torre Ave from #3 will have the rest of the permanent improvements installed, including raised crosswalks and curb extensions. This construction is expected at the same time as Phase 2.

Phase 2: Boulevards #2, plus Meteor Ave from #5 and the Kim St./Kirwin Ave. intersection.

Phase 3: Boulevards #4, 6, 7.

Why Does Walk-Bike Cupertino Support this Project?

Safer for experienced cyclists

Many experienced cyclists who bike to schools or work (commuting cyclists) use residential streets. These changes will decrease vehicle speeds in neighborhoods, reducing the frequency and severity of potential biking accidents.

Quieter and safer for residents with homes on or near the Bike Boulevards

Reduced vehicle traffic speeds also reduce noise from passing traffic. Pedestrians walking in their neighborhoods will benefit from the raised crosswalks and curb extensions which make crossings safer. Speed tables can also reduce the likelihood that mapping apps such as Waze will route traffic from out of town through a neighborhood.

Encouragement of biking as alternate transportation

New wayfinding signage can encourage using a bike instead of a car to get to local destinations, by showing just how close nearby destinations are located. Using alternative transportation and reducing pollution is great for everyone. By encouraging biking and walking, Bike Boulevards can result in less traffic, and cleaner air. 


Location of Project

(click map for larger view)

How Walk-Bike Cupertino has actively supported this project

Walk-Bike Cupertino has:

Provided information, maps and data to residents, City Council and Staff regarding usefulness of Bike Boulevards to connect neighborhoods, to improve access for seasoned cyclists, for reduced traffic, and to encourage greener lifestyles;

Kept supporters up to date on upcoming events and milestones for the project via email newsletters;

Sent emails of support to City Council and encouraged other residents to do the same;

Coordinated and gave vocal support at City Council meetings, when this topic was to be discussed;

Met with City Staff, Bicycle Pedestrian Commission, and Cupertino City Councilmembers and attended public outreach meetings to discuss details of the various projects and to encourage progress and adequate staffing.