Avoid Being Doored

In Cupertino, per state vehicle codes, occupants of a vehicle are required to check behind them for cyclists before to opening a door into traffic.

Unfortunately most drivers do not do this, as they are not expecting a cyclist near their vehicle. This leads to one of the most common auto-bike collisions –being “doored”, or running into a car door. This can happen on whichever side of parked cars that cyclists are riding (some municipalities have bike lanes on the curb side, or inboard side, of parking).

To avoid this happening to you, look carefully into cars for signs of occupants and watch for brake lights. Try to stay 3-5′ if possible away from vehicles. A bicyclist is allowed to ride briefly in the traffic lane (called “taking the lane”) even if there are bike lanes if it is otherwise not safe to ride as far to the right as possible.

Click here to see a video about being doored.

For more information about causes and how to avoid being doored, click here.


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