Avoid the Right Hook

Drivers are required to make right turns starting close to the curb, inside the bike lane when there is one. Most do not do so but turn instead from the driving lane. This can cause what is called a “right hook”, when the turning car unsafely crosses the bike lane from the drive lane. This can be dangerous or deadly for cyclists.

If there is a bike in the bike lane, drivers should maneuver in front of the cyclist if this can be done safely or wait and go behind if not. Using a turn signal is helpful for the cyclist to know what the driver plans to do.

The only defense for a bicyclist is to watch at every intersection for this possibility. Listen/watch for a driver rapidly slowing down on your left and/or crowding you as you approach a corner and hang back if necessary.

For a video explaining the right hook, click here, click here.

More information with diagrams from San Francisco Biking Coalition: click here.

More information on why right hooks may happen: http://naturalcyclection.bostonbiker.org/2015/03/14/strangest-right-hook-ever/

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