What is the current status of funding for bike/ped projects in Cupertino?

Shown at right is a current (as of 11/11/19) spreadsheet on funding for all the projects currently active for the City of Cupertino.  Blocks that are shaded in yellow mean those phases have been funded through the City’s General Fund or through grants/donations.

Year by Year Financial Information

Note: all budget information on projects are “additive”, meaning if a project is mentioned in multiple years, the funding should be added up from all those years to arrive at a total.

Approved by City Council 2019-2020 CIP budget (General Funds)

2019 Donations from Businesses

Apple donated a total of $9.7 million to the City of Cupertino for Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects:

  • $4.63 million to fund bikeways along McClellan Road near Lincoln Elementary, Kennedy Middle and Mona Vista High schools. The money would also fund design and construction of two sidewalk improvements and a new signal light at the intersection of McClellan and DeAnza. 
  • $1.2 million for traffic and pedestrian safety improvements near local schools (Walk Audit projects)
  • $1.98 million for planning, design and construction of new bike lanes and pedestrian improvements along Bubb Road 
  • $1.8 million for design and development of the Junipero Serra Trail 
  • $165,000 toward proposed bikeways on Mary Avenue 

2019 State, Local and other Grants Received

  • HSIP grant for $213,300 for upgrade of the De Anza/Homestead intersection.
  • Measure B Funds (information coming soon)

Approved by City Council 2018-2019 CIP Budget (General Funds)

  • Junipero Serra Trail (I-280 Trail) Feasibility Study: $250,000
  • De Anza UPRR Trail Feasibility Study: $250,000
  • Wayfinding Program (Signs): $60,000
  • McClellan Road Bike Corridor construction, including Class IV Lanes: $5,289,000
  • Bicycle Boulevard construction: $1,417,000
  • Carmen Road Bridge Feasibility Study: $100,000
  • School Walk Audit Implementation (Construction): $1,250,000*

*Will not need to be spent from General Funds as Apple donated funds in 2019 for this implementation.

2018 Donations from Businesses

None recorded.

2017 & 2018 State, Local and other Grants Received

  • Local TFCA grant from BAAQMD through VTA of $55,000 for Stevens Creek Blvd Class IV bike lanes.
  • PASS grant of $75,500 for traffic signal coordination along Stevens Creek Blvd (needed for Class IV lanes).
  • PASS grant for traffic signal coordination along Wolfe Road and Tantau Avenue.
  • VERBS grant of $1,000,000 for improvements along Homestead Road in the vicinity of Homestead High School. (Partner with City of Sunnyvale.)
  • VERBS grant of $1,000,000 for McClellan Class IV bike lanes from Byrne Ave. to Imperial Ave. and Stelling Rd. to Torre Ave.

Approved by City Council 2017-2018 CIP Budget (General Funds)

  • Bike Boulevards Project Construction: $1.4M
  • 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan Implementation (projects not specified): $3.0M
  • ADA Improvements to curbs and curb cuts (corner crossings): $450K
  • 2011 Bicycle Plan and 2015 Bicycle Plan Improvements (projects not specified): $1.206M
  • Wayfinding Program (Signage): $60,000
  • McClellan Road Sidewalk Improvements (new sidewalks) – Phase 2: $2.035M
  • 2018 Pedestrian Master Plan Creation: $120K
  • Sidewalk Improvements along Pasadena Avenue between Granada and Olive: $827K
  • Sidewalk Improvements along Orange and Byrne: $1.88M

2017 Donations from Businesses

Apple donated $1.8 million to the City of Cupertino to build Class IV bike lanes on Stevens Creek Boulevard from Wolfe Rd. to Tantau Ave

2017 State & Local Grants Received

  • Regional TFCA grant of $85,822 from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for Class IV lanes on McClellan Road.
  • Regional TFCA grant of $52, 537 from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for Bike Boulevards.