Key Facts About the Bubb Road Project

Cost of Construction: $1.98M (Apple donation to cover total cost in 2019)

Length of Project: 0.5 miles

Type of Project: Class II Bike Facilities (see here for review of different facilities)

Information from the City of Cupertino’s website coming when available.

Final Status: Construction on this project is now complete. This was a Tier 3 project on the Bicycle Plan for Class II lanes on Bubb Road between McClellan and Stevens Creek.

Why Does Walk-Bike Cupertino Support this Project?

Safer for cyclists

Class II Bike lanes offer some measure of safety for cyclists, as they are no longer sharing the road with vehicles. Cyclists are more visible, and these lanes have been shown to reduce accident rates and severity of accidents.

Encouragement of biking as alternate transportation

Traffic is a continual concern in Cupertino, and encouraging alternate transportation, especially near a center where many offices of Cupertino’s largest employer, Apple, are located is beneficial to everyone. Apple offers its employees free use of company-owned bikes, so likely the lanes will be used often. 


Location of Project

(click map for larger view)