We work with Cupertino elementary, middle and high schools and the Safe Routes to Schools program to help educate students and their parents on safe practices and routes for commuting to and from school. Please note, this page is still under development;  (his page is under design.)

Elementary Schools (CUSD)

  • Collins Elementary
  • Eaton Elementary
  • Faria Elementary
  • Garden Gate Elementary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Regnart Elementary School
  • Sedgwick Elementary School
  • Stevens Creek Elementary School

Middle Schools:

  • Hyde Middle School
  • Kennedy Middle School
  • Lawson Middle School

High Schools (FUHSD)

  • Cupertino High
  • Monta Vista High
  • Homestead High

Quad Schools Neighborhood Distribution Table:

MVHS_KMS_Lincoln_Regnart Student Distribution by Neighborhood 05_21_ 2015